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Receive medication and counseling for addictions in the privacy of your own home.

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Safe and confidential treatment with TelePsychiatry Associates can address some of the most painful issues.

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It is no longer necessary to suffer from some of the most common ailments such as depression and panic attacks.

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Treating ADHD requires frequent follow ups that can be safely provided when and where it is most convenient.

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Safe and Confidential Services for Substance Use and Psychiatric Disorders

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"Make your recovery come first so that everything you love in life doesnt have to come last." - Anonymous


Defining Substance Use Problems and Disorders
How we define substance use problems and disorders is critical to understanding etiology and prognosis as well as tailoring treatment.
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New statistical analysis of several studies demonstrates efficacy for AA
A study employing new statistical measures that controls for self-selection bias shows benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous programs
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Marijuana is legal because it's safe, right?
Science often lags policy, but the trend is no longer hazy.
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"Recovery is not about perfection, but about progression." - Unknowns


Drug & Alcohol Use Statistics in the U.S.
Watch a short video on the statistics of drug and alcohol use in the US
Deceit in Disguise: The Case of Moe
A reunion leads to a permanent disunion (Case based on true events).
Unimaginable Consequences: The Case of Lilith
A young mother looking for crack cocaine finds unimaginable consequences (Case based on true events).


TelePsychiatry Associates, LLC practitioners are skilled in the practice of treating a wide variety of different conditions in a compassionate manner including: depression, bipolar affective disorder, substance dependency, opiate dependency including Suboxone treatment, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma related to sexual or physical abuse, and weight loss management, among others.

The types of treatments provided will depend upon your practitioner and the problems needing attention. The first one to two sessions will involve critical listening in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand. Treatments that follow could include the discriminating use of medication, empathic psychotherapy, or some combination of both. If appropriate, additional therapeutic treatments may be employed including other psychotherapists, group therapies, structured activities, assigned readings, etc.