At-Home Medication & Detoxification Treatment

TelePsychiatry Associates can provide medication management, alcohol detoxification, opioid detoxification, and psychotherapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, using a video connection and FDA-approved technology from any location that you find convenient.Our technology and software platform can connect with any device that has a camera and an internet connection such as a smart phone, tablet, or computer. Various psychiatric issues such as addictions, mood disorders, and anxiety problems can be addressed with talk-therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy) as well as medications used to treat such disorders. Often, detoxification from alcohol or opioids is required as a first step in substance abuse treatment and the TelePsychiatry Associates Remote Detox Program can help a patient through this difficult period safely, affordably, and privately. If you are a patient suffering from a substance use disorder, let us help you get on a path to recovery. If you are a referring practitioner, allow us to provide your patients with a safe and comfortable treatment experience.

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Education

TelePsychiatry Associates practitioners believe that the informed patient is the healthier patient. We strive to increase our patients' understanding of their mental health issues, such as the factors contributing to depression and anxiety symptoms. If substance use is a concern, we believe each patient should be aware of the course and consequences of their substance use disorder such as the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, delirium tremens (DT's), alcohol-induced hepatitis, neuropathy, dementia, and cirrhosis. From the start, our providers inform both patients and family members about the types of treatments available, the importance of compliance, as well as the need for ongoing follow-up treatment and social supports such as outpatient cognitive behavioral therapy and meetings with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), or Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA).

Psychiatric Services for Detoxification and Rehabilitation Centers

TelePsychiatry Associates, LLC can provide psychiatric and psychological services to addiction treatment centers, mental health clinics, schools, and private doctor offices.TelePsychiatry Associates, LLC uses state-of-the-art and HIPAA compliant technology and practice management software to facilitate trouble-free and efficient services including timely appointment scheduling and report production.

Psychiatric Services for Hospitals and Institutions

TelePsychiatry Associates, LLC can provide psychiatric and psychological services to med-surgical hospital wards, emergency rooms, and correctional institutions.TelePsychiatry Associates can provide care "from a distance" without placing providers or patients at risk due to unnecessary contact. We use advanced technology to examine and monitor patients remotely to provide highly confidential and safe care. Call us today to discuss how we can fulfill your treatment needs.

Become a Part of the TelePsychiatry Associates Team

Learn about a new way to practice medicine with our platform and business model.Have the convenience and flexibility of practicing from any location with hours adjusted to your liking. The business model offered to practitioners is unique in several respects and I urge any practitioner interested in pursing tele-medicine to call to discuss how you can join a growing and exciting industry.

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